Services Offered

Procedure List:

Cataract Surgery
1. Advanced Phaco-emulsfication (laser eye surgery) with foldable IOL .. mono focal…
2. Advanced Phaco-emulsfication (laser eye surgery) with foldable IOL .. multi focal
3. Advanced Phaco-emulsfication (laser eye surgery) with foldable IOL.. toric
4. Yag laser surgery for posterior capsular opacification
Glaucoma Surgery
1. Trabeculectomy with/ without Mitomycin C application
2. Peripheral Iridectomy Surgical
3. Peripheral Iridectomy (laser)
4. Glaucoma Valve Surgery (Baerveldt) 5. Glaucoma Valve Surgery (Ahmed)
Laser Vision Correction
1. Wave front optimised Lasik
2. Bladeless (Femto second) Lasik
3. Femto SMILE Lasik
4. PRK 5. PTK
Corneal Surgeries
1. CXL or C3R collagen cross linkage for Keratoconus
2. Penetrating Keratoplasty (full thickness corneal transplant or PK))
3. Deep Anterior lamellar Keratoplasty (DALK)
4. Descemet’s stripping endothelial Keratoplasty (DSEK)
5. Keratoprosthesis or Artificial cornea surgery – Pintucci Keratoprosthesis
6. Keratoprosthesis or Artificial cornea surgery – Boston Keratoprosthesis


Conjunctival or Ocular Surface surgeries
1. Gunderson’s flap – conjunctivoplasty
2. Conjunctivochalasis surgery
3. Mucous membrane grafting in S J syndrome
4. Ocular surface tumour excision
5. Pterygium and recurrent Pterygium surgery with Conjunctival auto grafting (suture less)
6. Amniotic membrane grafting
7. Stem cell grafting
8. SLET – simple limbal epithelial transplants for chemical burns
Paediatric and Oculoplastic eye Surgeries
1. Strabismus or squint surgeries.. Horizontal muscles
2. Strabismus or squint surgery.. Vertical and oblique muscles
3. Ptosis or drooping lid corrections
4. Tumour excisions
5. naso lacrimal duct probing
6. Entropion, ectropion surgery
7. Blepharoplasty
8. Chalazion excision
9. Electrolysis for trichiasis (in turned eye lashes)
10. Tarsoraphy for facial palsy
11. Evisceration with motility orbital implants
12. Enucleation with motility orbital implants
13. BOTOX injections around eyes, face, neck
14. “Filler” injections for dark circles, cheek hollows etc.
Vitreo-retinal procedures
1. Vitrectomy
2. Retinal Detachment surgery
3. Cryopexy
4. Lasers for diabetic retinopathy, age related macular degeneration
5. Intra-vitreal injections for age related macular degeneration