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"Dr. Quresh Maskati's Talks & Lectures in 2016-20"

Addressed a Rotary webinar on “Ethical Dilemmas in Medicine “: Aug, 2020:
Judge/Chairperson at the annual AIOS: Feb, 2020:
  • Dr. Maskati had multiple presentations, was judge, chairperson etc at the largest eye conference in India, the annual AIOS (All India Ophth Conference) held in Gurugram, with an attendance of over 8000!
Invited to speak in Kazhakastan: Jan, 2020:
  • Dr. Maskati was an invited speaker to Kazhakastan where he lectured in 2 cities, Almaty and Nur Sultan (formerly Asthana) for over 3 hours in each city. What was even more remarkable was that the audience was not fluent in English, hence his talks were translated into Russian by an expert interpreter at both meetings!
As President at Corneal Society of India (CSI): Dec, 2019:
  • Dr. Maskati presided over the annual conference of Corneal Society of India (CSI) as President. Keracon 2019 as it was called was held in Kerala with over 500 corena surgeons in attendance. He also conducted the cornea quiz for the 4th year in a row and delivered several lectures and demonstrated surgery at the conference.
ISMSICS as outgoing president: Nov, 2019:
  • Dr. Maskati presided over the International Conference of the ISMSICS (International Society for Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery as outgoing president. This conference, held in Kolkata saw over a hundred participants from Neighbouring Bangladesh as well as from 15 other countries.
Maharashtra Ophthalmic Society annual conference: Oct, 2019:
  • Dr. Maskati was a speaker, conducted instruction courses and a quiz at the Maharashtra Ophthalmic Society annual conference in Nagpur. He also supervised the elections for various posts as chief Election Commissioner.
President of SAOPOSA: Sep, 2019:
  • Dr. Maskati organised and was faculty in the first SAOPOSA International conference in the Maldives attended by doctors from all the SAARC countries, in his role as President of SAOPOSA (South Asian Academy of Paediatric and Strabismus surgeons)
Presentation at ESCRS, Paris :Sep, 2019:
  • Dr. Maskati made a presentation at the prestigious ESCRS (European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery), Paris. He was also honoured with an achievement award at the hands of the Indian Ambassador to France, a rare honour!
Faculty at “Focus 2019”: Aug, 2019:
  • Dr. Maskati was faculty at the annual Bombay Ophthalmologists’ Association annual conference , “Focus 2019”, where he delivered several talks. The conference was attended by over 2000 delegates.
Lecture at Baku, Azerbaijan: April, 2019:
  • Dr. Maskati was invited to lecture to the ophthalmologists of Baku, Azerbaijan in April 2019. His talks were translated to Azerbaijani language by interpreters and were widely appreciated.
Albal Oration Award March 24, 2019:
  • Dr. Maskati delivered the first MV Albal Oration award in Solapur. It is creditable to be invited to deliver the first ever oration award when the choice is over 18,000 eye surgeons of the country!.
AIOS 14-17 Feb 2019:
  • Dr. Maskati not only conducted the national quiz for the 20th year in a row but was speaker, moderator, chairman, judge in over 15 sessions at this prestigious annual conference attended by over 8000 ophthalmologists including over 100 from abroad.
Talks in January 2019:
  • AIOS workshop on dry eye 5.1.19: Dr. Maskati was part of an all India committee of about a dozen Cornea experts specially convened by AIOS in Mumbai to simplify recent advances in treatment of dry eye for the general ophthalmologist
  • Erudio quiz 6.1.19: Dr. Maskati was quiz master conducting the final round of the All India quiz for post graduate students of ophthalmology. Preliminary rounds had over a thousand participants. The top 100 were flown down to Coimbatore where Dr. Maskati had devised and conducted the final rounds.
  • Acme Dubai 9.2.19: 100 Eye surgeons were flown down to Dubai from over a dozen countries such as Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Iraq, some African countries, Sri Lanka, Mauritius etc by a pharma company. Dr. Maskati organised a day long lecture programme for them where he was moderator and chief speaker, giving half a dozen talks on cornea and ocular surface topics.
October 2018:
  • Dr. Maskati was faculty at the All India Ophthalmic Film Festival held in Delhi where he presented 2 of his educational films on Artificial Cornea Surgery and cataract surgery.
  • Dr. Maskati was faculty for the annual Maharashtra Ophthalmic Conference at Aurangabad, where he spoke in the “Meet the Masters” session on keratoprosthesis as well as participated in 3 instruction courses and conducted a quiz for al the delegates.
September 2018:
  • Dr. Maskati addressed the meeting of the Eye Bank Association of India at Pune on “Corneal transplant techniques” as well as problems of eye banking in India.
  • Dr. Maskati was given an award for best Innovation of 2018 for his invention of “Maskati Cannula” for cataract surgery as well as his modification of the Pintucci keratoprosthesis at a meeting attended by over a 1000 ophthalmologists in Ahmedabad, India
August 2018:
  • Dr. Maskati was honoured with the first BT Maskati gold medal instituted by the Bombay Ophth Association to be given annually henceforth at their annual conference in memory of Dr. B.T.Maskati, a legend in his lifetime. He also gave several talks, took part in instruction courses and helped conduct the first ever workshop on myopia control attended by over a 100 optometrists as well as ophthalmologists interested in this global epidemic. He also conducted the BOA quiz.
  • Dr. Maskati was invited to speak to ophthalmologists of Varanasi and Kanpur on “Dry Eye” and keratoprosthesis.
July 2018:
  • Dr. Maskati was faculty at the South Asian Ophthalmology conference held in Nepal (formerly called the SAARC meeting) with attendees from 7 SAARC countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Maldives, besides of course Nepal and Bhutan. He conducted 2 instruction courses and delivered 6 lectures, besides conducting an ophthalmic quiz for SAARC members!
  • Dr. Maskati was faculty at the IIRSI (Intraocular implant and refractive Society of India), held in Chennai. He chaired and spoke in the session on Manual small incision cataract surgery in his capacity as President (2017-19) of the International Society of Manual small Incision cataract Surgery.
June 2018:
  • Dr. Maskati was invited faculty at the International keratoprosthesis Meeting organised by the famous Barracquer institute in Barcelona where he spoke of his pioneering work on the Pintucci keratoprosthesis. He was also faculty at the World Ophthalmology Conference which had participants from over 150 countries, where he conducted world ophth Quiz for the first time!
April 2018:
  • Dr. Maskati was chief guest at the installation ceremony of Nagpur Ophth Academy where he also delivered 6 lectures on eye related topics to a packed audience of local eye surgeons; an event which was well covered by local media."
  • Dr. Maskati was guest of honour at the installation ceremony of Nashik Ophth Society where he also delivered 3 lectures on cornea and related topics to the members."
March 2018:
  • Dr. Maskati was in Bhopal at Multicon2018, an international conference organised by IBMS - International Board of Medicine and Surgery, where he was awarded a special trophy for his pioneering decades long research in artificial Cornea. He was the only ophthalmologist invited and honoured in the conference."
February 2018:
  • Dr. Maskati was chief election officer supervising the elections of the All India Ophth Society at Coimbatore. Besides, he was faculty at 3 instruction courses and speaker at 2 symposia and conducted the All India ophth Quiz with participation of over 2000 ophthalmologists, for the 19th time.
August 2017:
  • Dr. Maskati was honoured with an achievement award and was faculty at Bombay Ophthal Association annual conference August 11-13, 2017"
  • Dr. Maskati took a lecture for 60 post graduate students on corneal topography at Sion Hospital, Mumbai on August 20, 2017"
July 2017:
  • Dr. Maskati was chief guest and faculty in an ophthalmic conference in Bhubaneshwar"
March - July 2017:
  • Dr. Maskati was invited faculty for "Super Specialty lens International symposium" in Mumbai where he spoke on recent advances in Contact lenses."
  • Dr. Maskati was invited faculty for "Complex Cataract and Refractive Surgery" conference organised by Narayan Nethralaya, Bangalore in May 2017"
  • Dr. Maskati was invited faculty at Indore Divisional annual Ophthalmic Conference 3-4 June 2017, where he conducted a quiz as well as spoke on cornea and LASIK topics"
  • Dr. Maskati is invited to give 8 hours of lectures and show surgical videos of cornea and ocular surface surgeries to post graduate students and residents of Narayan Nethralaya in a unique "Mentorship" programme. He is the first mentor to be invited in this ongoing programme from all over India, on 2 July 2017"
  • Dr. Maskati is invited faculty at the annual Indian Intra-ocular Implant and Refractive Society in Chennai, July 8-9 2017, where he was judge for the ophthalmic photography competition as well as umpire for the ophthalmic Premier League and gave several talks."
February 2017:
  • Dr. Maskati was invited to give a talk on "when Not to Refer" to family physicians in South Mumbai on 12.2.17"
  • Dr. Maskati was faculty at the annual All India Ophthalmological Society conference where he gave 7 presentations on various topics and conducted the All India Ophthalmic Quiz for the 17th year in a row - Feb 16-19th 2017"
January 2017:
  • Dr. Maskati addressed family physicians at BSES hospital, Andheri (north Bombay) on "recent Advances in Eye Care" and distributed free copies of his own book "Simplifying Eye Care" to the assembled family physicians"
  • Dr. Maskati was team leader and chief operating eye surgeon at a free squint surgical camp for poor tribal children, conducted at Devlali army cantonment hospital. This is the 20th year in a row that such a free squint surgical camp is being held in Devlali by Dr. Maskati and his team"
December 2016:
  • Dr. Maskati visited the US, where he interacted with various eye surgeons such as Dr. Sabera Shah of Joslin, Harvard in Boston and Dr. A.C. Gulani in Jacksonville, Florida"
November 2016:
  • Dr. Maskati was faculty at Madhya Pradesh Ophthalmic Society conference held at Bhopal where he talked on newer drugs for Dry Eye and on Keratoprosthesis surgery"
October 2016:
  • Dr. Maskati was faculty for the Andhra Pradesh Ophth Society annual conference where he spoke on various topics and also conducted an ophthalmic quiz devised by him"
September 2016:
  • Dr. Maskati was invited to moderate the American Academy of Ophthalmology session held in N. Delhi on "Recent Advances in Ophthalmology"
August 2016:
  • Addressed "Cornea Society of Philippines" on Management of Post Cataract and Lasik Dry Eye" and General Ophhtalmologists of Philippines on "Recent advances in management of Dry Eye"
July 2016:
  • Addressed eye surgeons of Penang, malaysia on "Recent Advances in Dry Eye" and "Recent Advances in management of Eye Infections"
June 2016:
  • Dr. Maskati was specially invited by Pune Ophth Society to speak on "OHHQ - a New Concept in Dry Eye"
May 2016:
  • Dr. Maskati gave a talk to an exclusive group of 13 corneal specialists of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur on recent advances in dry eye."
  • Dr. Maskati addressed the Optometrist Association of Malaysia on "keratoconus - What Is New" in KL"
April 2016:
  • Dr. Maskati was invited faculty at the largest state conference in India -the Delhi Ophth Society or DOS annaul conference -15-17th April, where he spoke on "keratoprosthesis or artificial cornea" and on "rebamipide - anew drug for dry eye"
  • Dr. Quresh Maskati was invited to lecture at the American university in Beirut where he gave six lectures on various cornea and squint topics to the post graduate students"
  • Dr. Maskati was invited faculty at the MEACO ( Middle East and Africa congress of ophthalmology) where he conducted an instruction course on small incision cataract surgery and gave invited lectures in squint and corneal surgery including keratoprosthesis"
February 2016:
  • Dr. Maskati was the representative of the whole of India at the International Council of Ophthalmology meeting in Guadalajara, Mexico a day before the World Ophthalmological Congress (WOC) opened in the same venue. He conveyed the opinions of the All India Ophth Society at the meeting . The ICo represents over 200 nations.
  • Dr. Maskati was convenor of an international symposium on "Endophthalmitis" and spoke on "Dealing with a patient of Endophthalmitis - the human aspect" - WOC, Feb 2016. The WOC was atended by delegates from 112 countries.
  • Dr. Maskati was faculty at the 74th All India Ophthalmic Conference where he delviered 8 lectures, conducted and participated in 2 instruction courses and was a speaker in the National Symposium on Ocular Surface disease. He also devised and conducted an Ophthalmic Quiz for the 16th time.. this time over a thousand delegates took part. February 2016.
  • Dr. Maskati was invited faculty at the largest state conference in India -the Delhi Ophth Society or DOS annaul conference -15-17th April, where he spoke on "keratoprosthesis or artificial cornea" and on "rebamipide - anew drug for dry eye"

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Leading Ophthalmologist, dedicated immensely to serve humanity, a very devoted Rotarian, an experienced traveller a raconteur of humour and an orator par excellence are terms that aptly describe DR B. T. MASKATI......more

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Did his graduation& post graduation from KEM Hospital, Bombay University, obtaining his M.S. & D.O.M.S & F.C.P.S. Degrees, all in 1983, with a gold medal in DOMS. Superspecialised in diseases of the cornea and anterior segment microsurgery from Rochester and Boston, USA.......more
     Abhinav AgarwalMansur Vohra
  • I was suffering from acute keratoconus in the right eye , and my case was a very typical one as it was only in one eye and that too progressed very rapidly, when I went to Dr. Maskati for consultation he gave me the best possible option for my case, and I was scheduled for a DALK surgery (cornea transplant) within only 15 days!!! Of my first consultation, it was a successful surgery and I have been going for regular checkups and my vision has improved tremendously and I thank Dr. Maskati for his unparallel support both on the OT & off the OT.”
    Abhinav Agarwal
    Jaipur, INDIA........ Mobile: 9587222888
  • I have been Dr . Quresh Maskati's patient since 2001 and have been suffering from dry eyes. He has improved my eye condition to a great extent. I have undergone two major surgeries. He had performed DALK on my left eye in 2012 and the intra optic lens on my right in 2015. In both the surgeries I had complete reliance on him and today I am feeling much better in terms of vision and the level of dryness as well.
    Forum Parikh
  • Dr. Quresh Maskati had performed an excellent surgery when my retina detached in my right eye. He minimized the loss of vision and was able to save the eye. Subsequently, six years later, I underwent a cataract surgery also in the same eye by him and that too was a success . I am very pleased with the surgical skills of Dr. Maskati and recommend his services to anyone seeking any form of eye treatment.
    Raj Parekh
  • My name is Huzefa.Bhopalwala and I am twenty one years of age, currently in third year MBBS . I was diagnosed with Retinal detachment in the right eye in April 2013 and was operated on by Dr.Quresh. Maskati. This happened 20 days before my university exams of First year MBBS. Not only did Dr. Maskati successfully operate on me , but also assured my family and me that I would completely regain my sight after the surgery and that there was nothing to worry about . His kind and assuring words helped me remain calm and study for my exams without any worries. I got a second retinal detachment in February 2014 , this time in the left eye. The risk of complications was higher this time. I was told by one of the other doctors that I had a fifty percent chance of regaining complete vision . Dr. Maskati was confident enough that all would go well and just like in the right eye, I would regain complete vision. He operated on me without wasting any precious time and just like he had said , the surgery was successful and I regained complete vision . Dr. Maskati is not only an excellent ophthalmologist , but also a wonderful human being . His faith and belief that all would turn out for the good, helped me with both my surgeries . His enthusiasm to help the society was observed by me , when I approached him for a medical symposium on Organ Donation. He gave us his precious time and also listed down measures to increase corneal donations in India . He is a true inspiration for budding medicos like me. I am thankful to him beyond words . May God bless him and help him achieve even greater heights.
    MBBS Student
  • Dr. Quresh Maskati of Mumbai, India, has been treating me for the past 15 years for all my optical problems, including human cornea transplant surgeries. Three years ago, he performed Artificial Cornea (imported from Boston) Transplant surgery in both my eyes - a new and upcoming method - that we had only read about. Thanks to his knowledge and steady hands during the surgery, clear vision has been finally restored in both my eyes. I have now normal vision and can read the tiniest of print without any glasses. He has helped us tremendously through our struggle. He has been most patient with us, answering all our questions and putting us at ease during this difficult time.Thank you very much!!!
    Mansur Vohra
    Mumbai 400003, India - Mobile No 09869450623
  • Dr Quresh Maskati is certainly one of the best eye surgeons in Mumbai and for that matter even in India. Recently I visited him for my father’s eye complication, Mr BK Chaudhari, aged 83 years. He lost vision in his left eye in Oct 22 due to posterior synechiae, with earlier history of endophthalmitis suspected due to inflammation arising out of multifocal Intra ocular lens and lately macular degradation. The local surgeon, also a retina specialist trained from Japan informed that nothing much can be done now. I took various second opinions from leading eye surgeons in Mumbai including one retina specialist of a national level hospital. All of them suggested that the vision has gone, nothing can be done, and any efforts of surgery would be waste of money. But Dr Quresh Maskati said that there is a fair chance that patient can see again. He took support of Dr Rumi Jehangir Sir, his senior partner and together, they conducted corrective surgery and vitrectomy on my father’s eye. I am happy to share that the surgery was successful and my father could see again. Atleast 50% vision has been restored in the eye which had no vision for 2 months. So If you are a patient or a relative and you find that your eye or patient’s eye is showing up problems which your present eye surgeon cannot effectively handle or resolve, then Dr Quresh Maskati is the GO TO Man in such a situation. Rather than running here and there for multiple opinions in complex cases, one visit to him for a second opinion can put to rest all the concerns. If by chance you are a practising Eye surgeon and come across any complicated case in your practise which you find it difficult to resolve then you can also guide your patient to Dr Maskati to take a second opinion. There is no harm is suggesting your patient to visit a senior doctor for getting best advice which will benefit him. Your patient will thank you for this reference. If you are medical student and aspiring be a good expert eye surgeon, please browse through the literature published for Dr BT Maskati’s contribution in eye care and Dr. Quresh Maskati’s references in complicated eye procedures like Boston Keratoprosthesis and be inspired by their work and you should also aspire to get trained under him . The greatness of Dr Quresh is he is ever willing to take challenging cases, unlike other doctors who shy away from handling hopeless cases fearing that a failure in such complicated procedures would tarnish their reputation through negative reviews posted by patients. We need such surgeons like Dr Quresh Maskati who are bold enough to take the unbeaten path. Dr Quresh Maskati is very simple, down to earth person and very helpful. Any question posted by patient on what’s App is replied by him in less than 1-2 hours maximum. The support staff is also qualified and can solve many of patient’s doubts without disturbing Doctor. The consulting clinic is very conveniently placed. Its bang opposite platform 4 of Charni road station just 30 metres away from station premises. The appointments are well placed so waiting time is minimum. Regarding the pricing of services I can only say that precise craftsman ship comes at a cost but it is better to get the work done by an expert though its at a price. Having said this, one should not feel that Maskati clinic is costly. I have seen so many blind patients who come to the clinic for subsidised or even free medicines. If there is finance issue I am sure Dr Maskati will go out of the way to help the patient. His consulting clinic is also worth visiting and spending some time. One can see the notice boards showing his contribution, articles on Eye care and we can also get to see the gallery of awards placed there which are decorated on him. And the best one which I liked there were Murphy’s teachings So Great work Doctor, God has placed his blessings on your work and his grace works through your hands. Please keep the good work going.
    The writer of this review is a pharma company employee
    And works in novel drug research area as a work profile and is written with proper evaluation and study.